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MGG Pillai,

I, as a Burmese citizen, and my fellow countrymen, have decided
SLORC is an "outlaw". Do you have a problem with that?

And if you don't like the discussions going on in this group,
no one (except perhaps SLORC) is forcing you to read them.

PILLAI@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: "M.G.G. Pillai" <PILLAI@xxxxxxxxx>
> Could you please tell me who has decided that SLORC is an "outlaw"
> government?  Many Western and Asian countries have resident
> ambassadors in Burma, have dealings with SLORC, and behave with it as
> they do with Thailand or the Philippines.
>      What I do see is a deliberate attempt to destabilise the
> government.  Western diplomats in Burma give background briefings to
> the press there anonymously on events happenings in that country,
> those on this discussion group calls them "snoops and thieves",
> without understanding what these words mean or deliberate attempt to
> change etymological definitions.
>      I want to see a change for the better in Burma.  If you want to
> focus your attention on doing that, you have to do it in the way that
> the changes will take place.  All I see now is some people sitting
> out in countries as far away from Burma as possible and throw stones.
>      Let us get this discussion going on how this can be achieved,
> instead of the pointless ranting I get every time I inspect my
> mailbox.
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