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Could you please tell me who has decided that SLORC is an "outlaw" 
government?  Many Western and Asian countries have resident 
ambassadors in Burma, have dealings with SLORC, and behave with it as 
they do with Thailand or the Philippines.

     What I do see is a deliberate attempt to destabilise the 
government.  Western diplomats in Burma give background briefings to 
the press there anonymously on events happenings in that country, 
those on this discussion group calls them "snoops and thieves", 
without understanding what these words mean or deliberate attempt to 
change etymological definitions.

     I want to see a change for the better in Burma.  If you want to 
focus your attention on doing that, you have to do it in the way that 
the changes will take place.  All I see now is some people sitting 
out in countries as far away from Burma as possible and throw stones.

     Let us get this discussion going on how this can be achieved, 
instead of the pointless ranting I get every time I inspect my 


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> It is not irrelevant to conclude that SLORC are thieves and snoops.  Nor is
> it improper to blame SLORC for everything that is wrong in Burma today. Let
> us not forget SLORC is an outlaw government.  It has assumed total authority
> over every aspect of life in Burma. Therefore, whether it wants to
> acknowledge the responsibility which accompanies usurped authority, SLORC is
> responsible.  It is responsible for the reign of terror it has imposed. It is
> responsible for the corruption which exists. It is responsible for all, since
> its claims authority for all. It can only be relieved of this responsibility
> when it transfer political power to the elected government.  We do not have
> to be nice to tyrants. We should only be honest. 
M.G.G. Pillai