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> From:           "W. Kesavatana-Dohrs" <dohrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To:             PILLAI@xxxxxxxxx
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> MGG,
> The SLORC was called a bunch of snoops and thieves BECAUSE THEY OPENED 
> SOMEONE ELSE'S MAIL.  How is this a non-sequiter?
> Anxiously awaiting your cogent reply,
> LD

Very simple.  The argument was that because they barred the Stanford 
Tours group, SLORC is a bunch of thieves and snoops who open and 
read someone's mail.  That is a non sequiter.  Are you suggesting by 
the way, that by this token, because the United States Government at 
one time, probably still does, read and open mail not meant for them, 
it is also a thief and a snoop.

    There are a lot of things you can blame on the Burmese 
government, indeed any government democratic or autocratic.  But let 
us keep that blame within believable limits.  What I have noticed in 
this discussion about Burma is the naive belief that SLORC can be 
blamed for anything and everything.  Yet when the Soviet Union and 
China blames the United States for anything and everything wrong with 
the world, Moscow and Beijing are blamed for being communist.

     There are a lot of things wrong with Burma.  Let us focus those 
issues and see how Burma can be brought back to a level of reasonable 
acceptance.  That is what I find missisng in this discussion.  If 
Burma does not serve good quality Argentine beef at a dinner for a 
visiting dignitary, then that is good enough reason, it seems, to 
accuse SLORC of eating boiled babies for breakfast.


M.G.G. Pillai