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Lobby For Burma Sanctions

Dear Larry and other Burma Democracy Supporters, 

McConnell's revised sanctions bill was introduced on December 29 and it will
continue as an existing bill until either it passes or until this current
session of Congress expires (which should be around the middle to end of
October this year).  Since this is an election year, the Senators and
Congressmen will be trying to get back to their districts to campaign often
this year so there should be plenty opportunity to raise Burma issues with

I would suggest that when activists receive responses from Senators and
Congressmen to the letters they send that they send a copy to the NCGUB
office so that we can start a file of responses and compare what these
individuals are saying to their consituents vs. what they are doing here in

I suggest that all activists that receive responses from the Senators mail a
copy of the letter they received to: 

U Soe Pyne
815 15th Street, N.W. 
Suite 910
Washington, D.C.  20005

This will greatly assist those of us in Washington trying to keep the
grass-roots informed on what is happening here as well as improving
coordination among us on the issue of which Senators look like they will
support us (if they get just a little more of a push!)


Phil Robertson
>Can anyone estimate how long we have to lobby our Senators?  Please let 
>us know.
>Larry Dohrs
>Seattle Campaign for a Free Burma