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Pizza Hut/Pepsi action at West High

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>From: nculwell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Nathan Culwell-Kanarek)
>Subject: Pizza Hut/Pepsi action at West High
>Next week Pizza Hut will be selling their blood-stained pizza at West all
>five days. I have a bunch of posters, which I plan to plaster the school
>with, giving a brief overview of the Burma situation and asking students to
>boycott Pepsico products, especially Pepsi, Pizza Hut, and Frito Lay. I am
>organizing a picket for the Pizza Hutters on Tuesday. I'll make signs over
>the weekend, as well as (hopefully) setting up a phone tree to recruit
>people for the picket line. I should also find a photographer to take some
>pictures of the picket for the school paper.
>     I wrote an article about the Burma situation for our school papers. I
>attached it to this email.
>     I'm not sure if you'll be back in time to read this before the picket,
>but give me your comments on the article, because I've got time before it
>needs to be submitted. I'd especially like you to point out any inaccuracies
>or obvious shortcomings in the article, so I can firm it up. It is 3:30 in
>the morning, after all.
>     See you later.
>     In the struggle,
>     Nate
>(By the way, what word processor do you use?)
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