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Canadian Co. & Yadana Pipeline

    BANGKOK, Jan 25 (Reuter) - State-owned Petroleum
Authority of Thailand (PTT) on Thursday awarded a $19.1
million consultancy project to Nova Gas International of
Canada and OGP Technical Services of Malaysia for its
Thai-Burmese gas pipeline. 

    Nova Gas International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Nova Corp <NVA.TO>. 

    PTT said in a statement the two firms would help it
acquire and build a 297-km pipeline from Burma's Yadana
offshore gas field to Thailand's west central province of

    The Thai national oil company said the 42-inch wide
pipeline, costing about $637 million, will carry natural gas
to power and industrial plants in central Thailand from

    It said PTT will invite gas pipeline supply bids in
March and select pipeline contractors around July this year.

    -- Bangkok newsroom (662)-2529950-3   

22:10 01-24-96