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European Commission is looking for

Subject: European Commission is looking for evidence on forced labour

96/01/16 ref IP/96/4454/11lines
Initiation of an investigation of Forced Labour Practices in Myanmar

(I omitt 6 paragraphs of texts here)

Having decided, after consultation with the Committe for the Management of 
the Generalized Preferences, that ther is sufficient evidence to justify the 
initiation of an inquiry, the Commission has commended an investigation in 
accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1(a) of Council regulation (EC) 3281/94.

Interested parties should make themsleves known in writing and submit alle 
relevant information to the Commission within the time limit me3ntioned below.

Parties who make themselves known and who request within the said time 
limit, will be heard by the Commission, provided that they can show they 
have a particular interets in being heard.

Time Limit
All relevant information concenring the allegation of forced labour 
practices in Myanmar, as well as any request for a hearing, should be sent 
in writing to reach the European Commission, not later than 60 days 
following the date of publication of this notice.

(I omit the rest again)

The publication date was January 16th, 1996. So act up, everyone!
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