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ISBDA Services Will Temporarily Sto

Subject: ISBDA Services Will Temporarily Stop

ISBDA Services Will Temporarily Stop

Dear Friends:

We would like to inform you that Information Services on Burmese Democracy
Affairs will temporarily stop due to our relocation schedules. Therefore,
distribution of video and audio tapes and news reports form ISBDA will
totally be haulted. However, INBR works will be continued as usual  by Ms
Kay C. Ikezumi at Nagoya Student Center (Tel: 052-781-0165).

Our present phone and fax numbers are no longer valid and we will
unsubscribe BurmaNet in a few hours from now because this mail account will
also be canceled. I will be back with you in BurmaNet when ready again.
Thank you for your support and interest in Burma. 

Dr. K. Tint