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Japanese View of Burma's Economy

Subject: Re: Japanese View of Burma's Economy

     Mr. Osamu Yasuda
     Nomura Research Institute
     134, Godo-cho
     Hodogawa-ku, Yokohama
     Kanagawa-ken 240 JAPAN

You said:
	>Does Suu Kyi not realize that ASEAN's constructive
	>engagement and China's impressive economic inroads echo a
	>common chord within the Myanmar people?
This statement shows us(citizens of Burma) how blind you are, not being 
able to see the truth and reality by asking such an up-side-down question.
We are tired of reading this. 

Here you said again:	
	>What Suu Kyi must do is show us that she has organizational
	>ability and draw up viable policies.
By saying this statement you yourself verify the above impression of us, 
"how blind you are" OR "how you make yourself not to see the reality".
Moreover, it is not that you don't know but that you don't want to know.
There are none so deaf as those who have no wish to hear; none so blind 
as those who have no wish to see. I am NOT sorry to say, you are one of 
those. We really have to enquire your name is on which payroll.  

Here again:
	>Right now, she appears to have no policy that would help her 
	>country move toward a brighter future.
I am tired of correcting you in each statement. So I shall quote the 
statement of my fellow activist. You must learn from him. The following 
statement will express exactly how we think of you.


Ni Ni
Foundation: Netherlands Friends of Burma (NFB)

> Mr. Yasuda has apparently joined the rank and file of world-class
> boot-licking professionals' club.  Dr. Robert H. Taylor of the School of
> Oriental and African Studies at London is another certified club member and
> much more eloquent in writing apologia on behalf, first of the Burma
> Socialist Program Party and, currently of Slorc for the dictatorship in
> Burma.

> I wouldn't be suprised if  Osamu Yasuda, Director, Nomura Research
> Institute is on the payroll of some major Japanese corporations that have
> been  pushing the Japanese government to pave the way for another round of
> economic plunder of my country.   Many of our elders who lived under the
> brief but most brutal fascist rule by Japan some 50 years ago, like other
> Southeast Asians from Korea and the Phillipines still recall vividly utter
> devastation of the country by both the occupying troops and their business
> counterparts, major Japanese corporations including Mitsui, Mitsubishi and
> so on.

> What is noteworthy is that these staunch advocates of the so-called
> constructive engagement seem to be the ones who are poised to gain much for
> themselves from kowtowing the illigetimate SLORC, which even the world's
> most influential pro-business paper calls "thugs":  military rulers as in
> the case of  the Thai leadership, autocrats like Lee Kwon Yu, corporate
> executives like Christopher Sinclair of Pepsi, tour managers as in the case
> of Britain's Paul Strachan who is the head of the resurrected colonial
> company "the Irrawaddy Flotilla Co.," professional researchers like Osamu
> Yasuda and some Burmese activist-cum-opportunists who advocate "Trading
> with the Enemy."

> Their analyses and arguments delivered as a voice of rationality and
> disguised in the professional and academic language are driven nothing
> other than unrestrained greed, petty self-interest of all sorts and
> cut-throat worldviews.

> If Osamu Yasudasan is serious about doing research (one would assume from
> his title he does some research on Burma, despite his apparent ignorance of
> politics, culture, and economy of my country) on contemporary Burma and Daw
> Aung San Suu Kyi's economic and political vision, he should begin his first
> lesson with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Oxford Lecture "Towards a True Refuge",
> which can be found in "Freedom from Fear" (1995 Revised Edition).

> Before he makes himself look stupid again, Director Osamu Yasuda would do
> well to read the following edited volumn which provides thoughtful and
> informed analysis on many past and several current sanctions and episodes:

> David Cortright and  George A. Lopezz (ed), Economic Sanctions: Panacea or
> Peacebuilding in a Post-Cold War World (Oxford: Westview, 1995).

> Sincerely,

> zarni

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