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Except from TOTAL Booklet

	Here's an excerpt from the TOTAL booklet "The Yadana Gas Development". 
It's just for PR but the activists can encounter their facts with the 
genuine situation.

	The Yadana gas field was discovered in the early 1980s. Further
exploration work took place during the same decade but it was not until
1992, having secured a potential market, the TOTAL signed a Production
Sharing Contract with Myanmars national oil company, Myanmar Oil and Gas
Enterprise (MOGE). The American Company UNOCAL then joined as a partner
followed by the Thai State-owned company, the PTT Exploration and
Production Public Co.Ltd (PTTEP) and finally in late 1995, MOGE itself.
The shareholders interests in the Project are TOTAL 31.24%;  UNOCAL
28.26%;  PTTEP 25.5%;  MOGE 15.0%. 

The potential of Yadana
	Initial gas in place; 5 Trillion cubic feet (140 billion cubic
	Average production at Platau; 650 mmscfd (18Mm3/ day)
	total duration: 30 years
	plateau; 16 years
	overall cost of first phrase; US$ 1 billion
	200 mmscfd (200 Mm3/year) will be transported free of charge along
this line to the Tenasserim region is south Burma. The domestic pipeline,
which is responsibility of MOGE, will supply gas to a combined cycle power
plant near Yangon. Most of the revenue derived from the gas will not
initially be paid in monetary terms to the Myanmar Government but in the
provision of free gas.
	Platform installation; from June 1997 to February 1998
	offshore pipeline installation; from Aug to Dec 1997
	infrastructure and onshore pipeline; from Oct 95 to March 98
	production; 1st July 1998

The gas transportation system
	The gas Transportation System comprises a 669km long 36 export
pipeline of which the first 490km is the responsibility of TOTAL. The
remaining 260km from the border of Myanmar and Thailand to Ratchburi is
the responsibility of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, the buyer of
the gas.
	An aerial survey was carried out in May 1994, which was followed
up by an environmental ground survey in December 1994. This latter survey
was realized by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Francis Crome,
formerlyof the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research
Organization, Dr.Georges Michaloud of Montpellier University and personnel
from the international constancy Environmental Resources Management....
The route has also been carefully selected to minimize the impact on
centers of population. However, isolated houses and field can occasionally
extend beyond the village boundary. Where disturbance to local life cannot
be avoided compensation will be given, whether in monetary terms or, where
possible, provision of alternative land holding in proximity to that
already existing. 

offshore facilities
		The pipeline Center will be located in the western section of the
pipeline route bear the Heize Chaung, whereas the Metering Station will be
located near the border of Thailand and Myanmar.  Both ill be permanently
staffed. The logistic facilities will consist of an airstrip and a port
from which lorries will transport materials and personnel to the work
sites. There will, therefore, be no need to use the northsouth Ye-Tavoy
railway which is not suitable for the Project requirements and,
furthermore, will most probably not to be completed prior to installation
of the pipeline. 

A Major contribution to local development
	Each village has also received a presentation on what the project
involves and further ones are planned with the use of videos. A
television, video player and generator have been purchased for this
purpose and mounted on a car for easy transportation between the villages.
	For the realization of a preliminary survey and construction of a
temporary accommodation camp in early 1995, the wages paid were 300
kyat/day for skilled workers, 250 kyat/day for semi-skilled workers and
200 kyat/day for unskilled workers. There rates are above the prevailing
average wage scale. In addition to their salaries, the workers received
free accommodation, food, safety equipment and medical examination.