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US Alumni Associations kowtow Slor

Subject: US Alumni Associations kowtow  Slorc thugs while an international delegation of parliamentarians defy Slorc's intimidation 

 Dear BurmaNetters,

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The alumni associations (and their administrators) from such well-renown
schools as the University of Michigan and Stanford  have kowtowed Slorc

Linds L. Ralns, manager of U. M. ALumni Travel Program, wrote a letter
dated December 1995 to T. C. Swartz of TCS Expeditions,  a Seattle-based
travel agency in response to  the rumors that the Michigan alumni group
will present an award to Myanmareseeeese leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi during
their planned trip to Myanmarrrrrrrr.

Here is the text:

"Dear T.C.:

As spokeperson for the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan's
travel program, I wish to make it clear that we have made no arrangements
to formally present an award to Aung San Suu Kyi. I sincerely hope that our
contigent of alumni will be able to enjoy a visit to Myanmar as part of the
February 16-march 10, 1996 Around-the-World travel program. . . "

For further information contact:

The alumni Association of The University of Michigan, ALumni Center/200
Fletcher Street/Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Alumni Travel Program (373)

Likewise, Duncan Beardsley, Director of Stanford Alumni Travel/Study
Program, wrote the following pathetic letter dated December 22, 1995:

"Dear Sir:

As you may know, Stanford Alumni Association is operating an Around the
World Expedition in early 1996.  The highlight of the itinerary is a vist
to Myanmar, including a two-night stay in Yangon and  a day excursion to

The tour members and accompanying staff on this trip are all general
interest travelers who wish to visit Myanmar for the purpose of
experiencing first hand some of your country's vast treasures  such as the
Shwedagon Pagoda and the Temples at Bagan.

It has just been brought to my attention that by sending an invitation to
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, I have inadvertently created the completely false
impression that some members of this group intend to use the stay in
Muanmar for some purpose other than tourism. I wish to assure you and
members of the government that this group has no political agenda
whatsoever.  As already indicated, their sole purpose of visiting Myanmar
is to enjoy the tourist sites (developed by slave and child labor: my
addition).  I innocently sent the invitation not understanding the impact
of my action.

Per the enclosed copy, I have already written to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
withdrawing my invitation.  I wish to emphasize in no uncertain terms that
neither I nor any of the passengers or staff will contact this person.

I humbly and respectfully request your assistance in reinstating the
permits so that enthusiastic group of tourists can visit Myanmar as
scheduled Janauary 30-Febrauary 1.  Please accept my personal assurances of
our full cooperation (and collaboration: my addition).

Sincerely yours,

Duncan Beardsley

Here is another disgusting piece by Duncan Beardsley RE: withdrawal of the
previous invitation to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

"Further to my November letter inviting you to meet with the Stanford
Alumni, I am withdrawing my invitation due to unforseen circumstances.

I regret any inconvenience caused by this change in plans."

University of Southern California:

Here is a quote from the letter written written by Mrs. Linda Wischmeyer,
TCS Expeditions/Midwest Office (Phone/Fax 708-256-2183).  The letter is
addressed to Mr. Patrick Macleod, ABBERCROMBie & KENT, Fax
011-852-2866-0556  and with reference to "Burma Landing Permit."

"Everyone at USC was on vacation today so we were unable to talk to anyone
there on the subject. . . We are quite certain that USC would not make the
suspected contact.  Of course we will brief them after Christmas about
keeping this tour on a strictly non-political level. . . "

Notre Dame Alumni Trip:

Here is the latest development with the Notre Dame Alumni trip to Burma.
>Fromn our contact:

"I am amazed after reading the article from San Francisco Chronicle abbout
Stanford and TCS Expeditions.  As you may remeber, TCS is planning the tour
that ND is involved in.  I called TCS Expeditions as soon as I read that
article.  I asked the woman who answered the phone if they planned on
changing the itinerary for the Notre Dame trip, and she said no, not unless
the U.S. government says no.  I am really shocked that they would continue
to do this, especially after the President of the cmpany said, "It seems to
be part o fthe (Burmese) government's continuing anti-West, anti-American

Northwestern Group:

NWU's alumni group's "Road to Mandalay" tour is scheduled from January 19-
February 1, 1996.

Indiana University Alumni Group:

IU alumni will arrive in Burma via Singapore  on Feb. 11.

Similar trips to Burma are planned by alumni groups at University of
Illinois, Brown University, Penn State, Duke, Virginia Tech, and UCLA, to
the best of our knowledge.


The American Embassy in Burma does not have a consular treaty with
the SLORC.  This means that the American Embassy cannot provide
protection to American tourists who run into trouble while travelling in
Burma.  Embassy staff are not guaranteed access to Americans in jail
nor can they provide food to them.

Given the difficulties many recent travellers have had in Burma, this warning
should be taken seriously.   Even with official permission from authorities
in Rangoon, travellers can run into trouble with powerful local commanders
outside the capital.  These local military leaders can sight security risks and
their actions will not be challenged by Rangoon authorities.

Press release:


Kjell Magne Bondevik, Norwegian Member of Parliament, was denied
entry to Burma today. Mr. Bondevik had planned to lead an
international delegation of parliamentarians to Burma in the
period 17 - 22 January.

Worldview International initiated the plans for a delegation
after the Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi was released
from house-arrest last summer. The purpose of the trip was both
to collect up-date information concerning the situation in Burma,
and to contribute to hastening the transition from dictatorship
to democracy in Burma by directing focus on the situation.

--By denying a friendly-disposed delegation entry to Burma, the
Burmese military regime has yet again shown little willingness to
support a transition from dictatorship to democracy in their
country. We interpret the denial as a sign that the military
regime intends to retain dictatorial control over Burma in the
future. On the basis of this, we will now attempt to put even
more pressure on the military regime in Burma. The military
dictatorship must be forced to enter into a dialogue with the
Burmese opposition and international politicians, says delegation
leader Kjell Magne Bondevik.

The Burmese authorities weekly accept delegations with business
and political representatives who do not pose critical questions
concerning the lack of democracy in the country. Mr. Bondevik's
delegation refuses to be intimidated by the military regime's
strategy, and is therefore leaving today to Thailand to carry out
an alternative programme.

In Thailand, the delegation will meet representatives from Thai
authorities, local representatives for the UN organisations in
Burma, representatives from important embassies and in particular
representatives of the Burmese opposition in exile.

The project has received strong international support. Many
prominent international parliamentarians have participated in the
planning and carrying out of the delegation's plans. The same
delegation members will also participate in the alternative
programme in Thailand.

In addition to the leader of the delegation, Kjell Magne
Bondevik, the following politicians will participate:

Former Foreign Minister of Sweden and current ambassador, Lennart

Japanese Member of Parliament Yasuko Takemura.

Sri Lankan Member of Parliament Neelan Tiruchelvam.

Opposition leader in the neighbouring country and daughter of the
liberation hero Bangabandbu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Hasina,
was supposed to join the delegation. Unfortunately, due to the
present political situation in Bangladesh, she had to cancel her

U.S. Congressional representative Bill Richardson who was the
first foreign politician to meet with Aung San Suu Kyi while she
was in house-arrest had been scheduled to attend.

Unfortunately, due to the budget crisis in the United States, Mr.
Richardson had to cancel his trip.

The delegation has received financial support from the Norwegian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Olof Palme Foundation in

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The University of Wisconsin                                  Fax: 608-263-9992
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