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Dear David Horne and Ko Tun Myint:

I'm very impressed with your work in Indiana. Have you had a chance to write
letters to Senators Lugar and Coats?  Lugar sits on the Foreign Relations
Committee, which will consider the "Burma Freedom and Democracy Act of 1995"


>From: David Horne <dhorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>ON JAN. 16, 1996 the Indiana Campaign for a Free Burma met on the Indiana
>University campus.  An enthusiastic group gave input for the new year. 
>The following was discussed in detail: 
>	*Indiana University Alumni trip to Burma.  
>		The group decided to hold a formal protest on January 29 
>		during the lunch hour from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m in front of 
>		the main entrance to the university. On Jan. 15, Dr. King 
>		Memorial Day, IU Campaign for Free Burma distributed pamphlets
>		entitled "IU Alumni, Where Is Your Conscience?" modeled after 
>		UCLA's flyer which has a picture of children who are forced to
>		work at the construction of "Shangri-La Hotel" in Rangoon for 
>		"Visit Myanmar Year 1996" 
>	*Sanctions Bill in Bloomington, IN city council
>		The college Democrats and college Republicans have 
>                already been contacted.  The Democrats have said they 
>                will support the bill, while the Republicans said they 
>                would not stop it but at the same time would not endorse 
>                the bill.  The Republicans have said that there will be 
>                no problem passing the bill once it is introduced.  Now 
>		we are underway to find sponsor at city council.
>	*Fundraising
>		Our bake sales just did not bring in the cash that we 
>                need to cover all of our copying fees.  The group has 
>                decided to organize a benefit concert to raise more  
>                funds.  The concert will be sometime in February 
>                depending on the availability of a location.
>Several other items were also brought to the groups attention by the
>organizer, Tun Myint.  International relations with Burma, the current
>situation in Burma, and International Campaign for a Free Burma are to
>name a few in the meeting's agenda. Campaign for a Free Burma in
>Bloomington, Indiana welcomes the endorsement of Amnesty International (USA)
>to launch Free Burma Campaign from Jan. 15 to June, 1996.