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ON JAN. 16, 1996 the Indiana Campaign for a Free Burma met on the Indiana
University campus.  An enthusiastic group gave input for the new year. 
The following was discussed in detail: 

	*Indiana University Alumni trip to Burma.  
		The group decided to hold a formal protest on January 29 
		during the lunch hour from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m in front of 
		the main entrance to the university. On Jan. 15, Dr. King 
		Memorial Day, IU Campaign for Free Burma distributed pamphlets
		entitled "IU Alumni, Where Is Your Conscience?" modeled after 
		UCLA's flyer which has a picture of children who are forced to
		work at the construction of "Shangri-La Hotel" in Rangoon for 
		"Visit Myanmar Year 1996" 

	*Sanctions Bill in Bloomington, IN city council
		The college Democrats and college Republicans have 
                already been contacted.  The Democrats have said they 
                will support the bill, while the Republicans said they 
                would not stop it but at the same time would not endorse 
                the bill.  The Republicans have said that there will be 
                no problem passing the bill once it is introduced.  Now 
		we are underway to find sponsor at city council.

		Our bake sales just did not bring in the cash that we 
                need to cover all of our copying fees.  The group has 
                decided to organize a benefit concert to raise more  
                funds.  The concert will be sometime in February 
                depending on the availability of a location.
Several other items were also brought to the groups attention by the
organizer, Tun Myint.  International relations with Burma, the current
situation in Burma, and International Campaign for a Free Burma are to
name a few in the meeting's agenda. Campaign for a Free Burma in
Bloomington, Indiana welcomes the endorsement of Amnesty International (USA)
to launch Free Burma Campaign from Jan. 15 to June, 1996.