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MTA second mass surrender

Press Release
19 January 1996

	Mass surrender of MTA in Ho Mong

	1,728 MTA fighters of Khun Sa attended the second mass surrender
to Slorc at the Ho Mong headquarters in southern Shan State on January 18,
1996.  Among the participants from both two cease-fire sides, Khun Sa and
some other his senior represented the MTA and Lt.Gen Maung Thint, member
of the ruling Slorc and minister for progress of border areas development
as well as Brig-Gen . Tin Htut, Commander of Eastern Command represented
the Slorc. 
	1096 various weapons of MTA soldiers were handed over to the Slorc
during the surrender ceremony. The Slorc officials returned the gifts to
the MTA soldiers, it is reported. 
	This was the second mass surrender of MTA since Khun Sa has
reached a cease- fire agreement with Slorc on January 5, 1996. the first
mass surrender was held on January 7, at the Ho Mong headquarters. MTA
troops from Lwe Lun, Lwe Tune, Hmon Htaw and Hmon Hta handed over their
weapons to Slorc.
	A total 4431 MTA troops with 3483 various weapons surrendered
during January 5 to 7 and 1894 MTA troops surrendered with 138 weapons on
January 12. An arm factory in Ho Mong with 197 Ho Mong-made launchers,
13,452 hand-grenades and 13,046 various mines were handed over to the
Slorc on January 1996. 

ABSDF News Agency