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New Delhi convention on Burma

Flowwing is the full text of statment of the Convention for the 
Restoration of Democracy in Burma, hled 4-6 January 1996. 

		      NEW DELHI,   4 - 6   JANUARY,    1996.
	The international Convention for the Restoration of Democracy in
Burma meeting in New Delhi from 4-6 January, 1996 declare that: - The
total denial of democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms, and the will
of the
   people of Burma as expressed in the 1990 general elections, - The
continuation of an illegal military dictatorship and the expending
domination of the
   military over all aspects of Burmese society, - The lack of a
comprehensive political situation to the civil war, and - The continuing
gross human rights violations against the people of Burma-
   constitute a serious threat to regional and international security and

I. Constitutional Issues:
	The convention believes (a) that a tripartite dialogue involving
the Burmese democracy movement led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the ethnic
nationalities, and the military, is the best way to achieve national
reconciliation and restoration of democracy in Burma, (b) that the current
National Convention to draft a new Constitution to legitimize military
rule in Burma is an illegal and unrepresentative body with no mandate
whatsoever from the people of Burma, (c) that a federal system of
government is the best long-term solution to Burmas long running civil
 	The International Convention for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma,
therefore, strongly supports the National League for Democracys withdrawal
from the sham National Convention in Rangoon, and urge all governments to
not recognize any conclusions adopted by the National Convention. 

II. Human Rights
	The Convention strongly condemns the continued human rights abuses
in Burma, including the free flow of information, forced labour,
particularly of women and children, forced conscription and violation of
cultural and religious rights. we especially condemn the denial of labour
rights and the violations of the rights of women.
	We demand of SLORC to immediately release all political prisoners.
	Recognising that thousands of Burmese are forced to leave their
homes, we call for the recognition, support and protection for these
refugees according to international established principles. This appeal is
particularly directed to Burmas neighbours.
	We call on the UNHCR to exercise its mandate to protect and
provide safe havens to refugees from Burma.
	The international community must have access to Burmese refugees. 

III. Constructive engagement
	Recognizing that the policy of constructive engagement in its
various forms actually strengthen the State Law and Order Restoration
Council and allows it to continue its repressive policies, the Convention
calls for

(a) an end to international investments and trade with Burma, (b) all
supporters of freedom and democracy to boycott products of companies
investing and trading with Burma,
(c) a total boycott of Visit Myanmar Year 1996.
(d) governments and international financial institutions to refrain from 
assisting the illegal military junta in Burma,
(e) As the worlds largest democracy, the Government of India should 
desist from cooperating with the military regime in Burma and respond positively 
to Aung San Suu Kyis appeal to India to support the democracy movement.

IV. China-Burma Axis
	The Convention calls upon countries in the region, particularly
India, to recognise that a democratic Burma with a strong civil society is
the best means to ensure stability and guard against the possibility of
the domination by regional super powers.
	We are deeply disturbed by the threat to regional and
international health and security represented by the rapid and
uncontrolled spread of HIV/AIDS, heroin and opium from Burma,
	and we do not believe that any military regime can effectively
implement policies to solve these problems.
	In conclusion, the Convention calls on all governments and freedom
loving people to find practical ways to support the Burmese democracy
movement and help restore genuine democracy to Burma.