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Be kind to all of us, the netters,

Subject: Be kind to all of us, the netters, by **properly** unsubscribing the BurmaNet

Dear Jodi Heywood,


If you want to unsubscribe from a particular listserv **in the future,**
would you be kind enough to unsubscribe properly (see the PS) so that no
one would be annoyed by your note which goes to every single person on the
list and which we have absoultely no reason to want to read.




PS Following is the recent Burma Net Etiquette  (dated  Tue, 2 Jan 1996
07:52:40 -0800).

Dear subscribers,

Please keep in mind that there are 500 subscribers to burmanet,
and they do not want to read your messages about subscribing
or unsubscribing or staying on the list.

To subscribe: send the message to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx
                write: subscribe burmanet-l or
                       subscribe burmanews-l

To unsubscribe: send the message to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx
                write: unsubscribe burmanet-l
                or unsubscribe burmanews-l

To confirm you want to stay on burmanet-l: send your
message to: strider@xxxxxxxxxxx
(do NOT send your message to burmanet-l, which is the
whole list of subscribers)

If you have any problems with your subscription or any
questions for the BurmaNet adminstrators, please write us
directly: strider@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you.

BurmaNet Editor

The Free Burma Coalition           Tel: 608-256-6572
225 North Mills Street                 Fax: 608-263-9992
Madison, WI 53706

*****WHEN SPIDERS UNITE THEY CAN TIE DOWN A LION.  (Ethiopian Proverb)*******