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On January 1, 1996, S. Win, U. K. wrote

>         Well, my last advice for Mr. Litner is if he could look into
> the Chinese history, let say, about a thousand years back. He will come
> to realize that the Chinese called their neighbor (Myan - Tin ) not
> (Bur - Tin ) or (Bama - Tin) and the notion that the Kachins, the Chins,
> and the Nagas hardly had any contact with the Bamar before the arrival
> of the British is in my opinion too absurd to reply.

For the record, the Chins hardly had any contact, if at all, with the
Bamar before (and in some areas, even after) the British came.

Here's a proof: of all several hundred different Chin dialects, some don't
even have a word that refers to the Bamar (race). In most dialects, the
word "kawl", which is a borrowed word, is used to refer to the Burmese.
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