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/* Written 12 Jan 6:00am 1996 by DRUNOO@xxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.burma */
/* -------------" Report on Communications (11/4/95) "------------- */
Suite 15A
2 Beattie Street
Balmain NSW 2041

2 March 1995.

Dr U Ne Oo
48/2 Ayliffes Road

Dear Dr U Ne Oo,

I  refer  to your letter of the 1st February, 1995, and I apologise for the
delays in replying to your letter.

With regards to the correspondence with the UN Secretary General, I  advise
that  a  letter is now being drafted by me on behalf of our associations. I
will let you have a copy of same in due course.

With regards to our submissions to the Human Rights Sub-Committee, we  have
no  objections to the documents being distributed via the Internet. This if
of course, subject to the approval of the Human  Rights  Sub  Committee.  I
enclose  copies  of  our  further  submissions,  that  were tendered at the
hearing in Sydney on the 24 February, 1995.

Yours faithfully,
Sd. Philip E.Smyth.

25 March, 1995.

Dear Mr Ne Oo,

I enclose a copy of our statement "Appeal for Assistance In Restraining the
Grave situation In Burma", which I have distributed amongst the  Australian
Parliamentarians  in  Canberra. We can only appeal for their assistance, in
restoring peace and democracy in Burma. Time will  only  tell  whether  our
appeals will be taken seriously, and in the mean time SLORC grows stronger,
and continues to entrench itself as the "saviour of the Union".

Unfortunately,  neither  the  US,  Australia, GB or the European UNion have
emerged as a reliable champions of our  just  cause,  and  we  continue  to
receive  lip-service  and  benchmark policies - all of which are constantly
ignored, or ridiculed by SLORC.

We believe that, we should also look beyond  the  continuing  human  rights
abuses  in  Burma,  which  ASEAN  conveniently  dismisses  as the "internal
affairs of the country" - as  to  acknowledge  same,  would  result  in  an
impediment,  or  a  ruination  of  their lucrative financial investments in
Burma. It is now time for us to  build  on  the  matters  set  out  in  our
statement,  and  to  steer  the  worlds  concerns and influence towards our

Yours faithfully,
Sd. Philip E.Smyth.

/* -------------- Letter to Mr P.E.Smyth ----------------- */

April 11, 1995.

Mr Philip E Smyth
Overseas Burma Liberation Front

Dear Mr Smyth:

Thank you for your letters of 2nd and 25 March and  enclosed  materials.  I
have   distributed   your   organizations'   publication,  "MISLEADING  THE
INTERNATIONA COMMUNITY", to the Internet. I shall send you a hard copy  for
your  confirmation  by  snail mail. I will further distribute the materials
you enclosed with letter as soon as the Parliament has  made  them  public.
Thank you for your co-operations in this regards.

I  enclose  with  this message an appeal letter to the Prime Minister Chuan
Leekpai of Thailand, UNHCR and the Australian Foreign Minister to  initiate
peace mediations in Burma. Whilst the Thais recently shown much willingness
to  help solve the Burma's problem, it is important, from my point of view,
that the international community - especially Australia, to get involved in
this process. Any effort made by you and your organization towards this end
will be most appreciated by us.

Finally, I thank you for  your  letters  and  keep  informing  us  of  your
organization's activities.  Please feel free to contact on this number also
in the future.

Yours sincerely
Sd. U Ne Oo.

/* Endreport */