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No Subject Given

CHAO-TZANG YAWNGHWE, FAX; (604) 525-6924

Mr. Dobb-Higginson's anti-NLD/Aung San Suu Kyi diatribe does not, frankly 
deserve attention since it obviously is a "His Master's Voice" genre of 
writing practised by fawning courtiers.  If the writer is so enamoured of 
SLORC rule, he should renounce whatever citizenship he now holds (British?), 
and become a true "Myanmaran(?)" (why use "Burmese," if "Burma" is no longer 
the country's name?).  It is very naughty, if not lowly, to sing praises of 
despots and the likes, while one enjoys all the perks of a citizen of a 
liberal, democratic society.  In this regard, those who choose to engage in 
the business of making profit in Burma, should submit fully to SLORC "laws", 
even or especially in business transactions.  Without the protection 
(perhaps even guarantees) of their home governments, let us see how many 
would continue doing business in SLORC-land.

Regarding the Burma/Myanmar issue, actually Bama and Myanmar are identical.  
"Myanmar" is the literary form of "Bama", or if you will, a more cultured 
form.  Like most Asian languages, Burmese is not only hierarchical, but also 
the spoken and the written versions are different.  Only a semi-illiterate 
peasant would write Burmese as it is spoken.  As much, Mr. Dobb-Higginson is 
labouring a non-existent point when he attempts to argue that there is a 
world of difference between the two.  It is also starkly obvious that he 
does not read nor speak Burmese and has moreover swallowed SLORC's 
concoction down to the very last unpalatable dregs.

The main reason why "Myanmar" (as a name for the country) is objected to by 
many, is that the name change is an unilateral act by a group of men who, 
after killing thousands of peaceful protesters, rule at gun point. These men 
have absolutely no mandate to rule nor to change the name of the country or 
its towns.  Take away their guns, and where will they be?  Furthermore, they 
are not even soldiers, as per the generally accepted definition of the word.

Strictly speaking, "Myanmar" is by itself an adjective.  the grammatically 
correct term of the country should be "Myanmar Pri/Pyi" or 
"Myanmar-nalnggan," or in English, "Myanmar-land" (as in Thailand, Finland, 
Switzerland, etc.).

Mr. Dobbs-Higginson is perfectly entitled to is uninformed opinion.  
However, his pristine ignorance of the Burmese language, in addition to his 
political illiteracy, unfortunately (or otherwise) detracts seriously from 
his effectiveness as a SLORC-spokesperson (or defender of the "undefendable").