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Will Norwegian Companies invest in (r)

Subject: Re: Will Norwegian Companies invest in Burma?

Burmanet readers:

Based on a new Unocal report to attract investment (which I've been told about 
but haven't seen), my understanding is that the Unocal/Total/MOGE pipeline will 
now allow for a "link" on the Burma side to power a fertilizer plant.

I wonder if it's the same plant the Norwegian companies are thinking of.
>Norsk Hydro has so far chosen to be alone about the project, but Endsjo
>says that the concern are planning to join a consortium with other
>companies if the talks are positive. Hydro primarily wants to invest in a
>production plant for fertilizer.  Norsk Hydro opened their head quarters for
>Asia in Singapore last year. The company experience a big growth in the
>region and did business in 1994 for over 4 billion NOK.

David Wolfberg
L.A. Campaign for a Free Burma