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Statement of the Students and Youth

Subject: Statement of the Students and Youth Conference of Burma

Youth & Student's Conference Burma

Jan 7-8 New Delhi


1.   With an aim to upgrade the role of the students and youths
and to establish solidarity among various forces that are
struggling against the military dictatorship in Burma, "Students
and Youth Conference of Burma" was convened from 7 to 8 January
in New Delhi, India. The list of the organizations participated
in the conference was as following.

(1)  The All Burma Student's Democratic Front (ABSDF)
(2)  The All Burma Students League (ABSL)
(3)  Karen Youth Organization (KYO)
(4)  All Arakan Students and Youth Congress (AASYC)
(5)  Democratic Party for New Society (DPNS)
(6)  Chin Students Union (CSU)

2.   The conference is confident that, in order to solve the
political problems of Burma by political means and achieve
national reconciliation, a substantial political dialogue
involving the leaders of the ethnic nationalities, democratic
forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the State Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC) is the best way.

3.   The conference reached to he consensus to

a)   stand against the SLORC's National Convention and its
b)   support the activities of the National League for Democracy
     led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi;
c)   destroy the economic and military elements of the SLORC;
d)   promote the political awareness of he people concerning     
     democracy and human rights for all the people and equal     
     rights and self-determination for all the ethnic  
     nationalities in Burma and 
e)   encourage the solidarity among all revolutionary forces by
strengthening the unity and understanding among various ethnic
students and youths.

4.   Through these two-days long deliberations, the leaders of
respective organizations unanimously agreed to establish
"Students and Youth Congress of Burma", as an umbrella alliance,
in order to fight for the restoration of democracy and human
rights in Burma in the collective form. The Congress warmly
welcomes all youth and student democratic forces of Burma who
agree with its ideas and plans and want to join it.

5.   We strongly demand the SLORC

1)   to release student leader Ko Min Ko Naing and all political
prisoners immediately and unconditionally;
2)   to stop the ongoing National Convention which is illegal and
3)   to set up the tripartite dialogue that is to be composed of
the democratic forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
representatives of ethnic nationalities and
4)   to declare the nation-wide cease-fire.

We urge the international community

(1)  to withdraw or stop the various forms of aid which is
directly or indirectly fuelling the SLORC's machinery and
(2)  to impose practical and effective trader and arms embargo on
SLORC military regime.

Date:     8 January 1996 (Monday)
Place:    New Delhi, India