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Human Rights Violations in Burma

To Burma Net Reader

Human Rights violation by the SLORC troops in northern Pa-Pun District.
(KNU) area.

On 17.12.95 a columm from Light Infantry Battalion  (551) led by  Battalion
Comander Kyaw Kyaw entered Yeh Mu Plaw and Say Peh Hta villages and burned
down some of the houses.  One Church and 199 baskets of paddy were also set
fire.  Moreover,  some of the pountrly such as chicken, duck and buffallo
were taken away with them.

On the same day, another Slorc troop from Infantry Batallion (53) also
entered Ta Lu  Der village and took 13 chickens, 15 ducks and 10 goats from
the villagers. They set fire 740 baskets of paddy from that village.

On 23, 12,95 Slorc troops from Light Infantry Battalion 439 fired heavy
artilery shells into Ray Pe Soe village and killed 3 girls. They are Naw
Plaw (40) Naw Law P' Lee (18) and  an old woman age over (60).

Source: KNU
Translated: Saw Nelson Ku