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Slorc's offence

SLORC Offensives in Karenni State
Karenni National Progressive Party
Government of Karenni

Name of the SLORC operation: Pyi Nyein Aye (Peace in the nation)
Name of the SLORC commander: Lt. Colonel Nyi Nyi Hlaing

SLORC battalions in Kauk Kauk battle field; 337, 428, 429, 578,
531, 102, 72, 427, 438

1) 24/12/95
The SLORC began the battles using the heavy guns.

2) 2/1/96, 09:00 am
The SLORC launched another offensive with more man power and

Htar Na Khwel battle field news
SLORC battalions: 250, 336, 261, 423, 421, 54, 426, 425, 424, 420

1) 28/12/95, 
The SLORC's offensive against Nwar Gone (or Htee Htae Camp)
started at 05:00 am and ended around 03:00 pm.

2) 31/12/95, Midnight
The SLORC launched simultaneous assaults on both Htee Htae camps.

3) 1/1/96, 14:00 pm
The KNPP troops withdrew from both posts.

4) 2/1/96, 10:00 am
The battles continued in the area and the fighting died down in
the evening.

5) 3/1/96, At dawn
The SLORC continued their assaults on other camps in the area and
the fighting died down in the evening.

6) 4/1/96, At dawn
Using more manpower and weapons, the SLORC launched offensives
against Htar Na Khwel and Dawl Takhae camps. After heavy clashes,
the KNPP troops retreated from both camps.

7) 5/1/96, From dawn to the evening
The fighting continued.

The weapons the SLORC uses in the offensive: 60mm, 75mm, 61mm,
81mm, 82mm, 84mm, 120mm, 189mm, .5 inch.

The SLORC lost 70 men and 20 wounded, and the KNPP lost one man
and two others listed as missing during the clashes from
(28/12/96) to (5/1/96).

Please note: Most of the SLORC troops are stationed in Kayah
(Karenni) State. 
(Sources: KNPP, Government of Karenni)