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MTA surrender and Daw Suu

Dear Shan H.NG.P

Thank you for the informative reports on MTA surrender. We can
always make do with reliable reports from inside the country.

I cannot however agree with the assessment by your "source" that
"I wouldn't be surprised if she and her party found themselves 
losing their stature both nationally and internationally" because 
the MTA surrender will enable SLORC to exploit the situation.

The struggle by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for
Democracy has always been for a legitimate cause -- democracy and 
human rights in Burma. Their struggle has never been supported by 
Khun Sa or the MTA.  I can't understand why the downfall of Khun 
Sa and the MTA should be instrumental in Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and 
the NLD "losing their stature" nationally and internationally.  

Only SLORC gains from the sell-out by the MTA.  Drugs flow
will continue, after a brief period of readjustment of drug 
interests.  This is because Khun Sa was never the key producer 
of opium or the only person to run refineries.

SLORC will turn a blind eye to narcotic activities as it had
done following previous cease-fire agreements with other forces
with interests in drugs.