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BurmaNet News December 27, 1995 (r)

>From: Paul Woods <woodspr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Can anyone please unsubsrcibe me from this newslistr. I have moved and 
>when I telnet in, the system tells me I have no disc space left.  I was 
>originally susbcribed under woodspr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and now I 
>can't get off.  Can someone there please help me.  Thank you very much.  
>I need human intervention.
>Here is a message we have sent to each one who has asked.  Here it is for
everyone.  We hope it helps, but we are sorry to see anyone leave the net.

Send a one-line message to this address:

Your message should be ONLY the following line, with no spaces:

unsubscribe burmanet-l

Majordomo is a computer.  It cannot read any other messages.  Nor can
Strider or anyone else get you out of the Burmanet.  It has to go through
the computer, but it is very easy.

Ken and Visakha Kawasaki