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UN (r)

You are right about the U.N.  It is an ineffectual body as seen in Bosnia.
there are too many manipulations by more powerful nations to suite their
politics and, more importantly, their economics.  If this sounds cynical
then it is only because of that organisation's record.  It astounds me how
so much money is spent for such pathetic gestures.

Yes, global pressure is required to change things in Burma.  It is ludicrous
to allow SLORC to carry on with its rampage while opportunistic investments
are made under the guise of "constructive engagement".  One only has to look
at the human rights, and political record of those nations who advocate
"constructive engagement".  Consider the current situation in East Timor,
Irian Jaya, and Tibet.  Is there a need to look at the situation in Burma
not only as a local issue but also as part of a global phenomena? Indigenous
people all over the planet are being rapidly exterminated.  What are we
going to do?  Democracy as a majority rule is not going to be the answer.
Democracy as a responsibility of the majority to protect the rights of
minorities (less powerful, marginalised) is our  hope for the future.