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Date: Sun Jan  7 09:55:55 1996
Subject: Message from DASSK on International Convention
>From : FTUB (WB) <burtu.atubdo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Message from Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to the International Convention 
        for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma. 
Date: 4th January 196
It is most appropriate that this International Convention for the Restoration of 
Democracy in Burma should take place anniversary of Burmese Independence, 
forty-eight years ago to this day Burma became a sovereign independent nation 
as result of the combined effort of all her peoples. The greatest lesson that the 
struggle for independence taught us was that nothing of national significance 
could be achieved without the wholehearted participation of all those whose fates 
are linked to the dignity of the nation.
Burma took her place in the family of independent nation as a democratic state, 
aware of its obligations to its own people as well as to the rest of the world. The 
founding fathers of independent Burma understood that self-government alone 
was not enough: there was a clear perception of the people and accepts the duties 
due to a member of the international community.
A resolution proposed by my father U Aung San on 16 June 1947 in the 
Constituent Assembly encapsulated the hope of the people of the Burma for a state 
sustained by democratic values that would enable them to live in freedom and 
dignity. The salient points of the resolution, as relevant today as they were then, 
are as follows:
        - all powers and authority of the sovereign independent Republic of 
Burma, it constituent parts and organs of government shall be derived from the 
        - the constitution shall guarantee and secure to all the peoples of Union 
justice, social, economic and political; equality of status, of opportunity, and 
before the law freedom of thought, expression, belief, worship, subject  to law 
and public morality...
        - this historic land of Burma shall attain its rightful and honored place 
in the world, make its full and willing contribution to the advancement and 
welfare of mankind and affirm its devotion to the ideal of peace and friendly 
cooperation amongst nations founded on international justice and morality.
The aspiration of those who dedicated their lives to building an independent 
Burma are at one with the hopes of all of us now striving to establish n Burma 
a genuine democratic system that will guarantee to the people all basic human 
rights as recognized by the United Nations. While it cannot be doubted that our 
principle strength lies in the resolve of  our own people, we are fully aware that 
in the world today all nations are indissoluble linked by myriad ties. We welcome 
warmly the support and ethical values.
It is particularly heartening for us that this International Convention should be 
held in India, the worlds largest democracy. It is also most heartening that the 
chairman of the Convention is Mr. George Fernandes, a man widely respected 
for his efforts in the field of social and political justice. It is my belief that this 
Convention will promote a better understanding of the situation in Burma and 
help to formulate truly constructive policies that will contribute towards the full 
implementation of successive resolutions adopted by the United Nations General 
Assembly calling for the restoration in Burma.
I would like to take this opportunity to say to Burmese students and other colleges 
who have abandoned the comforts of home to engage in the struggle for 
democracy: the way ahead for us maybe hard but we shall surely prevail; there 
will certainly come the moment for which we have all been striving, the time when 
we are all united once again in freedom and triumph in our land.
May I end this message with an expression of deeply felt gratitude to Mr. Fernandes, 
the members of Convention Committee and to our many Indian friends for their 
endeavours in the interests of democracy in Burma. I wish the occasion every possible 
Thank You.