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DKBO attack on 3 January

Press Release
5 January, 1995	

Medicine robbed in DKBO attack

	Medicines and medicinal instrument were robbed in Sho Khlo Karen
refugee camp in Thailand on January 3, 1996.  Refugees from the camp said
at least 60 gunmen led by DKBO leader Maung Soe intruded into the Sho Khlo
camp at about 11pm, on January 3, 1995 and took away the medicine and
instruments from hospitals run by Medecins Sans Frontiere, a western
relief NGOs and from newly-established research center for malaria run by
World Health Organization (WHO) in the camp. Five microscopes, one walkie-
talkie and many other medicines and instruments were taken by the DKBO
according the sources from the camp.
	There was a gun fire exchange between the DKBO and Thai Border
Patrol Police while DKBO was withdrawing from the Thai soil. Many DKBO are
believed to have been killed and injured in the clash.  Thai Border Patrol
Police followed after the DKBO and another clash was taken place in the
next morning. Two DKBO were reportedly killed in the clash. 

ABSDF (Dawn Gwin)