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Slorc and MTA

Press Release
Jan 3, 1996
cease-fire between Khun Sas MTA and Slorc

	A cease-fire agreement between Khun Sas MTA and Slorc was reached
on December 29, 1995.  After the agreement, three Slorcs battalions led by
three Burmese colonels arrived Ho Mong the headquarters of Khun Sas MTA,
on the edge of Burmas eastern Shan State.
	There was a referendum in MTA deciding whether to stand as the
regional defense troop under Slorc on December 22, 1995. After getting 88
per cent vote of yes to stand as the regional defense troop under Slorc,
MTA decided to sign a cease-fire agreement with Slorc. According the
reliable sources of MTA, a delegation led by Sai Khun Sel, one of the
assistants and uncle of Khun Sa went to Rangoon during the second week of
December and is still in Rangoon. In addition to the three Slorcs
battalions , seven more battalions of Slorc are stationing on strategic
Naung Oak- Doi Lan mountain range, about 150 kilometer north-east of Mae
Hong Son.
	There some ranks and files in MTA reportedly against the
cease-fire agreement.  The mutiny was broke out on June 7, 1995 and Khun
Sa suffered a serious setback when several thousands troops led by Sai Kan
Yuok, a young Shan nationalist.  Later the breakaway group founded Shan
State National Army (SSNA) and reached an agreement with Slorc. Slorc
repeatedly said to the international community that they would never
accept Khun Sas MTA as a ethnic armed groups.