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                        BURMA'S INDEPENDENCE DAY
                                            Date: January 4, 1995

January 4, 1996 is a very special day in Burma as it is the 48th
Anniversary of the Burma's Independence. 

Burma gained her independence after almost a century of British
colonial rule due to the unwavering efforts of the entire people
of Burma and the solidarity of all its ethnic groups.

Since then the People of Burma rather, than enjoying their
freedom, have became hostages to successive military
dictatorships including the SLORC. General Aung San, our beloved
leader and father of Burma's Independence, was assassinated less
than six months prior to independence. Civil war broke out only
months after the independence. The descent into civil war
favoured the emergence of military domination and firmly rooted
military dictatorialism in Burma. 

Under the successive military dictatorships, democratic rights,
basic human rights and the rights of the entire people of Burma
have been neglected and economic, social and educational sectors
have deteriorated. Consequently Burma has reached the lowest
status in the international community. The people of Burma have
been struggling against the military dictatorship since its

Today's military junta, the SLORC, is claiming that the
insurgencies which began with our independence are now coming to
a close, and Burma is  progressing towards an open-market economy
which will lead Burma towards democracy. In reality, it is
forcing, with its military power, the ethnic people to reach
ceased fire agreements without solving the underlying political
problems and it is selling off the resources of Burma in order to
strengthen its own hold on power. More than 60% of the national
budget is used by the military to suppress the people of Burma.
None of the groups which have reached cease-fire agreements with
the SLORC are satisfied with the status quo as no further
positive political settlement is in sight. Many promises have
been broken leading to the violation of the agreement in Karenni
State and subsequent offensives against the Karenni people. The
situation of the entire population is much worse than before

The SLORC, which took power through a bloody crackdown on
peaceful demonstrators in 1988  is the most brutal regime in
Southeast Asia, with a notorious record of human rights
abuses. The SLORC blatantly refused to honour the 1990 election
results even though they had promised several times in the time
prior to the elections that the military would transfer power to
the elected representatives and return to the barracks. The SLORC
continues its brutal suppression on the pro-democratic opposition
groups and misleads the international community with cosmetic
changes and propaganda. 
At present, the SLORC is attempting to continue the highly
orchestrated National Convention which will guarantee the
military a leading role in the future politics of Burma very much
against the wishes of the people of Burma. 

ABSDF believes that now is the critical time for the SLORC, if it
is sincere, to attempt to address the political problems in Burma
in order to achieve national reconciliation and lasting peace
which will lead Burma to a development, democracy and prosperity. 

The ABSDF reaffirms that it will continue to fight against the
SLORC, to topple the military dictatorship and to restore
democracy and human rights and establish a genuine federal union
within Burma.

The ABSDF demands the SLORC to:

     Unconditionally release student leader Min Ko Naing and all
     political prisoners.
     Dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic leaders in
     order to bring national reconciliation, democracy and
     lasting peace to Burma.
     Cancel all unjust laws, 
     Abolish the Sham National Convention.

We ask Burmese Army officers and ordinary soldiers to go back to
their military duties and restore the dignity of the Army that
existed once under the leadership of General Aung San.

We call on the all democracy loving people, both inside and
outside of Burma, to continue their relentless efforts and great
struggle for the restoration of Democracy in Burma.

We urge the international community to exert more pressure on the
SLORC by way of a world wide arms embargo and economic sanctions
until the restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma has
been achieved.

Central Leading Committee
88 camps