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Housekeeping (r)

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[This message comes from the BurmaNet editor, who can be reached 
c/o strider@xxxxxxxxxxx)

To all BurmaNet Subscribers:

Again, we are very sorry about the great Lahu debacle. We will
do our best to ensure that this does not happen again.  Please 
remember that Strider will take this opportunity to purge the list 
of subscribers who are not using their accounts.  Send a message
to strider@xxxxxxxxxxx if you want to remain on the burmanet-l
mailing list.

In the past few months we have tried to cut down on repetition in the
articles we put on BurmaNet. We have selected the best articles on 
any given subject and abridged many articles.  At the same time we have 
widened our coverage. We are particularly grateful for submissions from 
the Burma groups in India, Japan, and the States. 

Some people may wonder why so many articles from burmanet-l are 
reposted in the BurmaNet News.  This is because the BurmaNet News 
goes to many other locations (ie. subscribers of burmanews-l and
soc.culture.burma), so we want all the most pertinent news to reach 
these audiences as well.  In order to minimize repetition for burmanet-l 
subscribers, we would like to recommend that you send any news items 
directly to: strider@xxxxxxxxxxx, and we will incorporate them into the 
BurmaNet News.  If  there is anything urgent or if you have a 
request for information, announcement, or response to an article, please
continue to send it to the entire burmanet-l  (reg.burma) list.  

Also, please remember that if you only want to receive the BurmaNet
News and no other postings, you should subscribe to burmanews-l
instead of burmanet-l.  

Wishing you all the best in the new year,

the BurmaNet Editor