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How to stop future Lahu's


I came in this morning and got 800 or so rubbish mail from Lahu.

This is one way to get rid of all repeating messages from future "Lahu"
guys (it will work on Unix systems with procmail):

1. Create a file called .procmailrc in your $HOME directory with the
   contents as follows:

     LOGFILE=$MAILDIR/from   #recommended
     * ^From:.*Lahu@xxxxxxxx

2. Create another file called .forward in your home directory with
   the following entry (with the quotations):

     "|IFS=' ';exec /usr/local/bin/procmail #<your mail id>"

<your mail id> is your email id without the @ and hostnames. Mine, for
example, is plilian.
ALL messages from Lahu guy will be trashed! (Please read your man page
BEFORE trying this method. I don't take any responsibilities for any
side effects).

Sorry I was out for a few days and couldn't post this earlier.

Happy Holidays!