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Burma Govt Restricts Grou

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   BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -- Burma's military government imposed new
controls on members of an opposition party after they refused to
participate in a constitutional convention, a human rights group
charged Friday.
   Members of the National League for Democracy, headed by Nobel Peace
Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, must now obtain government permission
to travel within Burma, attend party meetings or distribute political
literature, Human Rights Watch Asia said in a statement.
   "These laws and new restrictions violate international law,"
Zunetta Liddell, an official with the New York-based human rights
group, said in the statement, which was faxed to The Associated Press
in Bangkok.
   Human Rights Watch said the government is punishing Suu Kyi for
pulling her party out of the convention, in which the government is
discussing guidelines for a new constitution with members of other
   Burmese democracy activists have criticized the convention as a
stage-managed affair designed to boost military rule. Suu Kyi said it
was "not consonant with a truly democratic state."
   The military took power in a 1988 coup and violently crushed
pro-democracy demonstrations that year. Suu Kyi was placed under house
arrest and released in July after six years. The regime also refused
to honor the results of a 1990 election won by her party.
   A U.N. Human Rights Committee resolution this month accused Burma's
military government of making arbitrary arrests, killing civilians and
imposing forced labor.

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