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CBC Interview with Suu Kyi (r)

i would really like to know where in the Burma hole has strider and his 
gangs been .. without paying response for things that they have done by 
not paying attention to BurmaNet during holiday seasons!!

On 25 Dec 1995 DEBRA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: DEBRA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Debra Guzman)
> Reply-TO: DEBRA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Debra Guzman)
> I find it very inconsiderate of Gary Alpern to not have
> unsubscribed from the list before going on holiday. Now my
> mailbox fills up with with his message as a response to
> every message from the list, and I have to pay for ALL of
> his messages! I live in Europe where the telecom expenses
> are outrageous and it is a waste of money to have to pay for
> people's lack of foresight and planning.
> Debra