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CBC Interview with Suu Kyi (r)

	Could someone please forward to me how to stop this as well.  If 
I don't stop getting the same message over and over again, I'm going to 
go to his house and smash his computer in an attempt to stop this 
madness!  Help, please!

On 24 Dec 1995 npcasten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: "npcasten(rayong)" <npcasten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> can you get ride of this mesg.? i really want to kill him!!..he's 
> flooding my email box
> On 24 Dec 1995 Lahu@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> > From: Lahu@xxxxxxxx (Gary M. Alpern)
> > 
> > I'll be out of touch until the third week of January. May you all have a very
> > happy holiday