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ASAHI: Burmese Gunmen Kill Thai Gir

Subject: ASAHI: Burmese Gunmen Kill Thai Girl

Burmese Gunmen Kill Thai Girl

Asahi Evening News, December 30, 1995.

MAE SOT, Thailand -- Members of a Karen rebel splinter group crossed from
Burma into Thailand and killed an eight-year-old girl during an attack on a
village, police said Thursday. The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA)
gunmen wounded the girl's father in the attack late Wednesday and seized
her teenaged brother as a hostage before fleeing back across he border
river to Burma. 

The DKBA was founded late this year by Karen guerrillas who mutinied
against their mostly Christian leaders in the anti-Rangoon Karen National
Union (KNU) and allied themselves with the Burmese Government Army.