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BURMANET- Mail list purg

        Reply to:   RE>BURMANET: Mail list purge

Dear Strider: Confirming I am still an interested member of Burmanet, despite
the Lahu problem!. Thank you, Peter Hinton

Date: 27/12/95 8:50 AM
To: Peter Hinton
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Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 07:57:40 -0800

One reader's complaint about the remailer problem on BurmaNet:

 ...I have just seen a hole shot in
 my budget for January due to this individual's
 thoughtlessness. I live in Europe, and not only do I pay for
 each phone call to my local system, I also have to pay for
 each incoming message....this jerk has cost me money I would
 rather not have thrown away!!!!

Dear BurmaNet subscribers,

It's time to purge the mailing list of addresses that are no longer 
functioning.  If you subscribe to a mailing list and then close your 
account, every message sent by the list to you will be bounced back.
Because of this, I regularly receive a hundred or so bounce 
messages per day.  If you put an autoresponder on your account, the 
problem affects everyone on the list because it sets up an 
endless loop between BurmaNet's automatic mailer and your automatic 

 The recent incident on BurmaNet resulted in over a thousand junk 
messages going out to each subscriber and more than 20,000 bounce 
messages in my box.  To fix these problems, I'm going to purge any 
address that shows no sign of life.  What I need each of you all to do 
is send a note to me at: strider@xxxxxxxxxxx

 All you need to do is say let me know that your mailing address is 
still active.  If you have any suggestions, complaints or requests, 
please take this chance to let me know.  I'll send out at least one 
reminder of this but if there is no response from your address, you 
will be unsubscribed from the BurmaNet mailing list.

Sorry for the trouble and I hope your New Year is peaceful.



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