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Lahu guy (r)

Good job! this is what we all needed to happen! :)

On 26 Dec 1995 somewhere@xxxxx wrote:

> From: Maung Yei Chan <somewhere@xxxxx>
> I think I stopped Lahu by sending an e-mail to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx, as 
> if the mail came from Lahu@xxxxxxxx, and unsubscribing him from the 
> list. I tried sending e-mail to postmaster of the organization, but 
> yesterday was the Christmas day, and nobody seemed to be around. I sent 
> the message at 17:15 PST so the messages should stopped around that 
> time. It may have been illegal but it is the only way to stop him from 
> sending out hundreds of messages before the list owner can stop him.
> Happy holidays!!
> Yei Chan