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It seems that this lahu madness has stopped at long last. I haven't got 
any such message for more than three hours now.

Bertil Lintner, Bangkok

On 26 Dec 1995 dhorne@xxxxxxxxxxx 

> From: David Horne <dhorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dear friends,
> 	Here is a suggestion to stop getting this lahu message.  It will 
> continue to come until strider or someone removes this person from the 
> list.  It will not stop otherwise, even if we don't reply to him.  He 
> will get his own replys and his machine will reply to them!  I suggest we 
> all unsubscribe from Burmanet until after january's third week.  Only 
> people on the list can get his message.  You may be asking how we will 
> get burma related information to all of the list.  There are other burma 
> related lists to use for this short period until the third week of 
> january.  One such list is MAYKHA-L which runs out of Indiana 
> University.  It can effectively be used as a temporary burma net until 
> this lahu stuff stops.  Here is how to subscribe to maykha-l.
> Send "subscribe MAYKHA-L" in the body to 
> LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> (or LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxx).  With nothing in the subject line.  
> For those of you who might flame me for posting this, please understand 
> that I am not trying to shut down burmanet.  I do think that if all the 
> list holders do this until after the third week of January than we will 
> not waste time and money with the lahu thing.  Please subscribe to 
> Burmanet after the third week of January.  I hope all understand this, 
> please email me directly if you have a question or complaint.
> 						David Horne