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Dear friends,
	Here is a suggestion to stop getting this lahu message.  It will 
continue to come until strider or someone removes this person from the 
list.  It will not stop otherwise, even if we don't reply to him.  He 
will get his own replys and his machine will reply to them!  I suggest we 
all unsubscribe from Burmanet until after january's third week.  Only 
people on the list can get his message.  You may be asking how we will 
get burma related information to all of the list.  There are other burma 
related lists to use for this short period until the third week of 
january.  One such list is MAYKHA-L which runs out of Indiana 
University.  It can effectively be used as a temporary burma net until 
this lahu stuff stops.  Here is how to subscribe to maykha-l.

Send "subscribe MAYKHA-L" in the body to 
(or LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxx).  With nothing in the subject line.  

For those of you who might flame me for posting this, please understand 
that I am not trying to shut down burmanet.  I do think that if all the 
list holders do this until after the third week of January than we will 
not waste time and money with the lahu thing.  Please subscribe to 
Burmanet after the third week of January.  I hope all understand this, 
please email me directly if you have a question or complaint.
						David Horne