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Date: Mon Dec 25 09:04:42 1995
Subject: Indian Home Sec. in Rangoon
>From : FTUB(WB) <burtu.atubdo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Union Home Secy. in Rangoon
NEW DELHI, DEC 23: Union Home Secretary K. Padmanabhaiah is expected 
to discuss the issue of the AN-26 aircraft and arms dropping issue with 
Myanmar Government. Mr. Padmanabhaiah is presently in Rangoon.
The Home Secretary left for Rangoon three days after the arms dropping 
incident took place on DEC 18 in which an "unidentified" aircraft airdropped 
a cache of sophisticated arms. He is expected to be back in the Capital on 
DEC 27.
Mr. Padmanabhaiah has gone to Rangoon for the regular meetings that the 
place between India and Myanmar over the issue of militants and insurgents 
seeking refuge, training and arms route through neighbouring countries 
into India.
While such exchange of views have been taking place over the last few years, 
it is significant that the Home Secretary chose to go for the meeting after 
the airdropping of arms had taken place. This in itself provides an 
indication that Mr. Padmanabhaiah is likely to take up the matter with the 
Government concerned.
Beside Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh are among the other groups seek 
refuge after conducting their operations in India.