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Total hires french mercenaries

The British Broadcasting Corporation, December 21, 1995
                     Copyright 1995 Indigo Publications   
                            Intelligence Newsletter
HEADLINE: French "mercenaries" to protect Total worksite

    Around 10 French "mercenaries" left about Nov. 20 for Burma to see to the

protection of a 63-km-long gas pipeline that the French oil company Total is

building close to the Thai border (IN 267). The security companies hired by

Total to recruit the mercenaries found it hard to find volunteers.   Indeed, a

lot of French mercenaries took up cause over the years with the Karen rebellion

and some even lost their lives in doing so. The work to be carried out by Total

will be conducted under the "protection" of the Burmese army, and thus against

Karen rebels. As a result, the mercenaries who accepted the job are mainly young

men who recently quit the French army. Among them are two mine disposal experts

who served under UN colors in former Yugoslavia.

Editorial note: It looks like Total is prepared to kill Burmese with its 
own employees to protect "its pipeline".  I guess the SLORC army is not 
doing a good enough job of rape, murder, enslavement and general thuggery 
and need some additional outside colonial assistance.

Michael Beer