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Unity (To all of Burmese people). (r)

Subject: Re: Unity (To all of Burmese people).

On 30 Nov 1995 myoa@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: myoa@xxxxxxxxxx (Myo Aye)
>          Once upon a time there were two men. One was blind and the other
> was lame. They were walking along together one day when they came to a bad
> piece of road. It was very bumpy and there were great potholes in it. When
> the blind man realised what the road was like, he stopped.
> "Will you help me over this difficult bit?" he asked the lame man.
> "How can I?" asked the lame man. "You know I can't walk properly. My legs
> are so bad I can hardly get along myself. How can I possibly help you?"
> Then he thought about it for a moment. "There is something we could try," he
> said. "If I climb up on your back, you can carry me. Then I can tell you
> where to put your feet as we go along. That way, we can use your legs and my
> eyes together."
> They tried it and it worked. The blind man gave the lameman a piggy back
> over the rough ground and the lame man told the blind man where to tread.
> That way they both made it across the bad stretch of road.
> ****************************************************************************
If I am a blind I will carry one of the lames on my back until we reach 
our goal.
If I am a lame I will tell the lame who carries me where to tread his/her 
feet until we reach our goal.
This is my vow to ALL.
I am here in The Netherlands.
Khin Ni Ni Thein.