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Mt. Travel Sobek

Mountain Travel Sobek, one of the premier adventure travel companies,
recently sent out its listings of 1996 trips.  Beautiful catalog, gorgeous
photographs.  I was all ready to sign up for a trip to an exotic
destination when I got to the back of the book and saw a plan for Nevada
Wier, an internationally known photographer, to lead a "Visual Journey" to
Burma.  I immediately sent a message expressing my dismay that such a trip
was even being contemplated and attached a copy of Kevin Heppner's NOTES ON
BURMA TOURISM to explain why I thought it was a bad idea.

I was heartened today to receive a message from one Moira Magneson saying
that she had forwarded my concerns to corporate higher ups and had posted
my message on the office bulletin board.  Someone is listening.

List members, particularly those with an interest in responsible travel,
may wish to contact Mountain Travel Sobek <info@xxxxxxxxxxx> to ask them
PLEASE not to take a group to Burma until peace and democracy are restored
to the country.

Cameron Beatty