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Japan's Yen Loan to Myanmar Postpon

Subject: Japan's Yen Loan to Myanmar Postponed

Yen Loan to Myanmar Postponed

Daily Yomiuri, 13 December, 1993. 

The government has directed to postpone scheduled yen loan to Myanmar until 1996
because of stalled efforts to democratize the country,  a government source said

However, a grant to expand nursing  college in Yangon will still be provided
because a contract for the work was already signed, the source said.

Moreover, additional official development assistant (ODA) grants that directly
effect the daily life of Myanmarese will not be frozen , he said.

According to the source, the Japanese government was preparing to resume yen
loan for eight projects that it suddenly pulled out in 1988 when Myanmar
underwent  a military coup.

The eight projects include a 4.87 billion yen plan to upgrade electrical supply
infrastructure in Yangon.

The yen loans have been called off  second time  because it has become unclear
when the military junta ruling Myanmar will hold direct talk with the country's
top dissident pro democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.