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Dawn O Wai

December 13,1995

Dear frineds,

Warm greetings from ABSDF! We are using Win Burmese font to type in our
Dawn O Wai, it is created by Mr. Burma. When you download our text from
the net, that dose not make the scene,it is just only computer's language.
So after you capture our text and just change the font only.  That's all.
You get it? If you do not have Win Burmese Font, you can ask person the
nearest to you. We had distributed Burmese font to our friends one time 
already. We will give you the address where you can get the font. 
1.  ABSDF  Oslo ( Aye Chan Naing )
2.  Ko Soe Pyne (NCGUB Washington)
3.  Kennet Oo 
4.  U Maung & Ko Zaw Htun
ABSDF ( Dawn Gwin)