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Help the VOA Investigation

After reading Douglas Steele's editorial, I called VOA and asked what was
the agency was doing in response to the allegations against Myint Zaw Lwin.
I spoke with Mr. Jeffrey Cowan (note: NOT Jesse Cowan, as written in the
article), Director of VOA.  He said that these allegations are now being
investigated by USIA and several other agencies (he wouldn't say which
ones).  He said he did not know about the specific allegations against Myint
Zaw Lwin (which include national security issues beyond the scope of the
USIA), but he did feel that the accusation that VOA programming in general
has a pro-SLORC bias was unfair.  While he does not deny that some Burma
Service employees may be SLORC sympathizers and some questionable pieces
have been aired, Mr. Cowan insists that most of the Burma Service is
sympathetic to the democracy movement and has produced a good deal of VOA
programming devoted to, for example, human rights issues.

Mr. Cowan says he is carefully reviewing reports broadcast recently, but he
asked me to ask listeners to VOA's Burmese broadcasts to submit their
evidence and opinions about this matter.  For how many years and how often
do you listen to VOA?  Do you think that VOA programming is pro-SLORC?  If
so, which stories were biased?  Do you believe what you hear on VOA?  If
not, have you stopped listening?

Your answers to these questions are important to the current investigation,
which Mr. Cowan expects will be concluded in a short time.  If you have an
opinion or other evidence that would affect this investigation, please fax
it to Mr. Jeffrey Cowan at the following number: (202) 401-1327.

P.S. Many thanks to Douglas Steele for helping launch the investigation.