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>From    : FTUB (West Burma) <burtu.atubdo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject         : Myanmar will build Tilak memorial
The Times of India Sunday, December 10, 1995.
By S N Abdi
Yangoon, Dec. 9: A befitting memorial to Lokmanya Tilak will soon be build 
at Mandalay, following the demolition of the historic Mandalay jail where the 
legendary Indian freedom fighter spent six years after being convicted for 
sedition by the British.
"The Indian government's request to the ministry of cultural affairs for building 
a suitable memorial is being considered by the Myanmerese authorities," 
Kunhiram Govind, counselor in the Indian embassy, told 
However, it has been learnt unofficially that the Myanmar government has 
already conveyed the Indian government to identify a plot of land in Mandalay 
for the memorial.
An official said the jail where Tilak wrote Geeta Rahasya, the famous treatise on 
the Bhawat Geeta, suited inside the Mandalay fort, was demolished in July 1994. 
The fort is being beautified to attract foreign tourists, he added.
Reaching to a report published in this newspaper earlier this week, the official 
denied that there was a lecture hall, build in memorial to Tilak, in the 
demolished jail.
"There was not even a plaque to identify Tilak's cell," he clarified.
The official revealed that the issue has been raked up by the All-India Hindu 
Central Board, affiliated to the Rastriya Savak Sangh, for serving a "political 
purpose in India."
The board maintains a low profile here, limiting its overt activites to running 
liberaries and hostels and arranging marriages of orphan girls.