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>From: zni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (zar ni)
>(Boycott) Pepsi sticker  and revolution's symbol Fighting peacok (both in
>color) are up on Free Burma Coalition server.  Site address is HTTP:
>If you need more info on the logo, please write to me again at
Za Ni,
thanks for the info.  I tried the Pepsi sticker, but it was a complete
failure --too much detail for conversion to a pict file and a drastic
reduction in size.  I finally had some luck with one of the fighting
peacock flags.  If you know of any simple line drawings that are available,
I'd like to experiment with them.  (This sort of thing really makes a lot
more sense as part of an envelope's return address than those stupid smiley

Thanks again.

Cameron Beatty

ps.  Got a mailing address?  I can send you an example of what I came up with.