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At the risk of appearing to trivialize the movement, I'd like to know if
there is a Burma-specific logo or icon available that I can use as part of
my return address on snail mail envelopes.  I'd like one that I can import
directly into my computer addressbook software, but if there's a sticker I
might be able to scan it and import it.   Even an issue-specific logo would
be okay, since I could change them.  I'm thinking of examples like the
Pepsi sticker, or a Damn the Dams sticker, or something like that.
Anything that list members can share with me would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Cameron Beatty, Assistant Director        tel:  (801) 283-4021, ext 650
Snow College International Center         fax: (801) 283-6879
Ephraim, UT  84627  U.S.A.               home fax: (801) 283-4644
                                  e-mail:  cameronb@xxxxxxxxxxx